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Rick’s Pickles


I have managed to find an amazing selection of low sodium pickles!!! You can find them at Ricks picks. They are out of New York and a little pricy but totally worth it if you love the taste of a deli dill pickle but without all the sodium that is so bad for you!!

Here are some of my favorites from their selection!!

sliced dill pickles
low sodium pickle

slices of life

sliced dill pickles

$9.99 | 15 oz.
Here’s a simple pleasure: our traditional sliced dill pickle in an aromatic brine. These crispy slices are made with the freshest kirby cucumbers and premium spices, so treat yourself to this classic with your next sandwich. Slices of Life are a popular craving of expectant mothers … celebrate your life with the pickle ofpregnancy!
whole dill pickleslow sodium pickle

kool gherks

whole dill pickles

$9.99 | 22 oz.

Kool Gherks are our aromatic take on the traditional whole dill pickle. Crunch them whole or slice them up thin and serve with cheeses, charcuterie, even on bread and butter. We use a lot less salt than most picklers, so the brine is great for sipping, and a wonderful aid to digestion. Kool Gherks were prizewinners at the Rosendale International Pickle Festival.

our everyday, anytime pickle.low sodium pickle

classic sours

our everyday, anytime pickle.

$7.99 | 24 oz.

We all puckered up to simple, classic flavor of deli spears as kids. Now we can revisit delicious past with these crunchy, all-natural pickles… minus gunk of artificial ingredients.


Low Sodium Hamburgers


It is a wonderfully beautiful day here in Louisiana, perfect for the BBQ! We were sitting around this afternoon watching the Food Network and had the urge for hamburgers. So away to the kitchen and hamburgers we made to satisfy the craving.

I love grilled hamburgers with lots of flavor. Some people don’t like burgers with lots of spices and additives. Some people see it as more “meatloaf” than standard hamburger. For me, the more spices the better!


1 lb Ground Beef

1/4 cup Panko

1 tbsp Horseradish mustard

1/2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp Onion flakes

1 tsp Chili flakes

1/2 tbsp Garlic powder

1 egg


This is super easy, Mix all spices, panko and egg into ground beef until thoroughly combined. I prefer to cover and place in the refrigerator for about an hour to let the flavors merry together. This will make a much more flavorful burger.

Form meat into patties, the mix makes 4 approx 4oz burgers. Grill or skillet cook the burger to the desired temperature. **Tip – to keep the burger patties from shrinking too much, create a divot in the patty with your thumb to prevent shrinking too much. (not sure why this works but it does:)

I splurged just a bit and used onion buns for my burger. They have 310 mg of sodium in each bun, but they taste so good I just really wanted to have one for a change. Since the burger buns only have 99mg of sodium the whole thing with a slice of swiss cheese added amounts to less than 500 mg for the entire burger. We also grilled red onion slices and baby bella mushroom slices, and topped the burger with tomato slices and slices No Salt dill pickles.

NO Salt Pickle…highs and lows


Thanks to my lovely subscriber Basil Rene for reminding me that I haven’t reviewed the No Salt Pickle from Healthy Heart Market

As I previously posted, I found a No Sodium Dill Pickle available to order online. As I am an avid Pickle eater and have missed my pickles, almost more than anything else on this journey, I of course jumped all over this and ordered a jar. I was conservative and only ordered one jar, since they were $7.00 per jar, just to try them first.

I ordered a whole bunch of stuff, sauces, salad dressing, spice blends, and the pickles…..the shipping was reasonable and the order came in just a few days. Very speedy service! 


But we are here to talk about the pickles!!


I really love these pickles, they are crisp, and fresh with a great taste of dill and garlic and spices. If you are expecting a “classic” dill pickle taste, Don’t! They have a little sweetness, but not much when they hit your tongue. This is due to the sugar brine. Then this is followed with a little spicy kick that wakes up you tastes buds with a welcoming “hello”!

I have used these diced in a pasta salad, and sliced on sandwiches and just plain as a snack! They have filled the pickle void in my life! I thought I was doomed to a pickle-less existence. 


I loved the single jar of pickles so much, that I went to order a couple more so I had backup jars. When I got to the website, I was crushed to find that they are now noted as “discontinued. no longer available”. In my dismay, I sent an e-mail to see if, by some great chance, they had any in stock still. I have not received an answer yet. So in all my joy for finding a lovely dill pickle for my lifestyle, I now am again left with a void. Needless to say the last 4 pickles in this one lonely jar will be used sparingly!! 

Today I did receive the newsletter from Healthy Heart Market  and they now have a new no salt added Bread and Butter Pickle slices. This is no dill pickle, but I am not totally against the bread and butter style, so I think they will have to be given a fair try. 

I have not yet found another alternative to the sadly discontinued No Salt Dill Pickle, but believe me I am looking high and low. If there is somewhere to get some, or a reasonable way to produce them at home, I will find it and definitely let you all know!

Not Your Average Pickle?


The one thing I have missed the most…PICKLES! My favorite snack is the crunch of a dill pickle. I would eat them by themselves, on a burger, wrapped in a slice of cheese, even drink the brine out of the jar! No wonder I have a heart problem, I was pickling myself .

Many times a week I would make a sandwich that just consisted of mayo, sharp cheddar cheese and dill pickle on white bread. When it comes to pickles I would attack them like a toddler left alone with Halloween candy.

Well in a few days the void may be over! I have found a source of NO SALT PICKLES!! It is $7.00 for a 32oz jar, so i ordered one jar to see how they are. Believe me if they are good I will be ordering a lot more 🙂 Rather than the normal 300-400mg sodium per oz, these have 0mg sodium and only 12 calories per oz!

Stay tuned for the verdict on the flavor and pickle craving satisfaction…the waiting for delivery is the hardest part!

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Price: $7.00
Item Number: 55309
Sodium per Serving: 0mg
It’s What You’ve Been Waiting For! 
A Sodium Free Gourmet Dill Pickle!
Buy it exclusively here at Healthy Heart Market!
It Is A Delicious Crunchy No Salt Dill Pickle With A Touch Of Garlic and Red Pepper.
  • It Is Salt Free!
  • Zero Sodium Per Serving! Compare this to an average of 250-300 mg sodium for a single serving salted pickle!
  • No salt substitutes or potassium derivatives have been used in making our pickle.
  • It is Fresh & Hand Packed in California.
  • All Natural flavors have been used, with a unique special blend of spices to compensate for not using salt.
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors have been used!  And No artificial preservatives.
  • Two year shelf life when unopened and stored under a cool and dry environment.
  • Sold in a large 32 ounce glass jar.
  • Our special No Salt Dill Pickle recipe was developed by Delicious Concepts.  Email questions/comments to: flayvrs1@aol.com

A Special Note from Healthy Heart Market regarding our unique No Salt Pickles: “Our No Salt Dill Pickles are a new taste experience and should not be compared to a salt brined pickle. They are pleasingly different. So, prepare yourself for a great new taste. Be health conscious and enjoy them!”

Nutritional Facts:
Serving size: 1 ounce (about 1/2 pickle)
Servings per container: about 20
Calories: 12
Total Fat: 0g
Sodium: 0mg
Total Carbohydrate: 2g
     Dietary Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 1g
Protein: 0g
Ingredients:  Fresh cucumbers, water, distilled vinegar, sugar, natural calcium chloride (maintains crunchiness), garlic, spices, chili peppers, mustard seeds, natural flavors, polysorbate 80, extractives of turmeric (natural color).
Imported Herbs & Spices. No artificial flavors or colors. No benzoates, sorbates, potassium chloride or artificial preservatives.