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Oscar Night Guilt Free Nachos

Oscar Night Guilt Free Nachos

I was walking this morning and trying to decide on something fun to make to snack on tonight while watching the Oscars! I usually will just do white air popped popcorn with salt free seasoning. But I think tonight needs a fun snack!

I decided on some yummy guilt free nachos! Super easy and of course low in sodium!

Depending on the size you are feeding just adjust portions accordingly. I am just cooking for me so I baked it in a small loaf size pan.

First I put in a layer of low sodium tortilla chips. I use Marine Coast Vegetables Sea Chips, they get their slight salt flavor from seaweed and kelp instead of salt, so they are only 65mg sodium per 17 chip serving.

Top the layer in 1/2oz of finely shredded Swiss cheese. Then add another layer of chips and 1/2oz of Swiss cheese.

Place in 250 degree oven for approx 10 min to heat and melt the cheese.

While the chips are in the oven, chop 1/4 cup fresh tomato, 1/4 cup low sodium sour dill spears, and 10 Santa Barbara Olive Co. Low sodium black olives.

Take chips out of the oven and top with chopped mixture and spoon on top 2tbsp Walden Farms Bacon Vegetable dip.

The tray I made is about 2 servings, calories per serving is 245, and even better is the low sodium of 227mg per serving!!

I dare you to find a low sodium nacho with this much flavor and fun for you next snack night!!

If you find one be sure to let me know 😉