The eve of the check in…

The eve of the check in…

The day is almost upon us. Tomorrow is my 6 week check in with the cardiologist. 9am respiratory tests, 10am ex ray and blood work, 11am echocardiogram. Praying that everything shows enough improvement that we can stop talking about another cardio version and this new toxic medication.

I am going to remain firm on my decisions. I do not want to take a drug than gas a high likelihood of causing liver, lung and vision problems. Especially at 35 years old! It is already a risk on my liver and kidneys to take the 9 medications I am on now. I don’t want to add one that is known to be highly toxic.

I can’t seem to get any weight to drop off right now, been holding steady at 305-307. I have been walking a lot and I can feel my endurance growing. Hopefully this will com through in the test results!

Started this morning with a long walk with Sammie dog and a super yummy breakfast of low sodium crumpet topped with egg whites, spinach, and mushrooms! Let’s get through this day and get great test results tomorrow!!


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