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Let the countdown begin…

Let the countdown begin…

It was a really good activity day today. I think it was due to the nerves driving me to get in as much cardio as I can before my tests. Started the morning with a nice mile walk with Sammie dog. Managed to take time at lunch to get in another 3/4 mile. And even got in an after work walk with Sammie dog again. According to my FitBit tracker, I got in 7600 steps so far today! Not bad at all, and I feel great!

I have had a great food day as well. Yummy crumpet and egg whites that I posted for breakfast. Salad for my mid morning, and homemade no salt added chicken veggie and rice soup for lunch. For dinner I decided to cook a good size plate of food since I have to fast after midnight. (So there is also room for a late snack)

Tonight’s creation is 98% lean turkey patty, topped with creamy Swiss cheese, sautéed mushroom spinach and Vidalia onion, on a bed of kelp noodles.

The meal is super simple, spray a sauté pan with cooking spray and start to cook onion and mushroom on low heat so they sweat and make a nice moisture in the pan. Add fresh spinach and mix. Cover pan so the spinach will sweat and cook down.

In a skillet, spray with cooking spray and cook turkey patty until fully cooked, turning half way through to evenly cook both sides. In the last 2 min top the patty with Swiss cheese and cover skillet to help steam melt the cheese.

While the Swiss in melting, go back to the mushroom and spinach mix and take a spoonful and put on top of the Swiss turkey patty. With the rest add a handful of rinsed kelp noodles and 1 tablespoon low sodium Worcestershire sauce and mix thoroughly until noodles are warmed through and softened.
You can add any no salt spices you would like to taste. I love just the natural flavor of mushroom and spinach so I don’t add any spices to this dish.

Place the noodle mix on the plate and top with the turkey patty and enjoy!

Healthy and filling dinner for only 256 calories, 10 carbs and 211mg sodium! Thanks to the kelp noodles we cut approx 200 calories that traditional spaghetti noodles would add, as well as cut approx 35 carbs!

Grab a big plate, eat up and feel no guilt! Your heart will thank you!


The eve of the check in…

The eve of the check in…

The day is almost upon us. Tomorrow is my 6 week check in with the cardiologist. 9am respiratory tests, 10am ex ray and blood work, 11am echocardiogram. Praying that everything shows enough improvement that we can stop talking about another cardio version and this new toxic medication.

I am going to remain firm on my decisions. I do not want to take a drug than gas a high likelihood of causing liver, lung and vision problems. Especially at 35 years old! It is already a risk on my liver and kidneys to take the 9 medications I am on now. I don’t want to add one that is known to be highly toxic.

I can’t seem to get any weight to drop off right now, been holding steady at 305-307. I have been walking a lot and I can feel my endurance growing. Hopefully this will com through in the test results!

Started this morning with a long walk with Sammie dog and a super yummy breakfast of low sodium crumpet topped with egg whites, spinach, and mushrooms! Let’s get through this day and get great test results tomorrow!!

Saturday Afternoon Veggie Roast

Saturday Afternoon Veggie Roast


On a lovely Saturday afternoon, with the breeze blowing through the open windows and the sound of cows in the back ground, it is a great time to toss and roast a variety of fresh veggies to snack on!

I have found this to be the easiest salt free healthy snack to give me the sensory crunch that is can snack on all day without guilt. I do a whole tray full and then put in a Tupperware container and just leave on the counter to snack on all day as I do stuff around the house.

What can be easier than this:

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Cut fresh veggies to medium chunks. You can use anything you like. Today I did baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts!

Toss the veggies in 1tbsp of oil, I prefer coconut oil but you can use any oil you like! I have used peanut oil also for a fun taste.

Once the veggies are coated lightly in oil, I like to sprinkle with salt free seasoning. Today I used Mrs. Dash Caribbean blend. There are so many good salt free blends that it is almost limitless possibilities of flavor.

Spread the coated seasoned veggies on a cookie sheet in a single layer.

Place in oven and roast until desired doneness. I like a little crisp on mine, so I leave them in for about 30-40 min, until the smaller pieces start to blacken on the edges.

Take them out and let cool until you can eat them. I like them just by themselves, but you can use any dip also if you like! Walden farms make a couple good calorie free, carb free, gluten free dips, but they do contain sodium so best to use just a little bit of them if your diet is very sodium restrictive like mine.


Out of the Darkness and running towards the Happiness!


Well, It has been a little over a year and a half since I have updated and I am very sorry for that! There really are no excuses to anyone following or even to myself. There have been a multitude of happenings in my life…,New job, lost my home in hurricane Issac, taking shelter with friend, new house, end of relationship, and medical ups and downs peppered in between. These are all things we can delve further into as we go along this ride together!

I have resolved myself to get back into the swing of things and share myself here on this blog that in the past has been so helpful and cathartic.

Through all the ups and down over the last 18 months, I have come out stronger and more self assured. I am learning how to live my life healthier and happier all on my own. It is an adventure of culinary experiments, and mind expanding self examination.

Hope everyone enjoys sharing in my transformation and exploration as much as I enjoy sharing with anyone who can take my trials and contributions to use them to benefit their lives.

Glad to be back and ready to live my life out from under the dark rock I had hidden myself!