Portobello Pizza


When I want a pizza it is a process to make the dough and the sauce to make sure it is low enough in sodium. I thought I would share with you the best recipe I have found so far for a lovely pizza from Low Sodium Living

Their accompanying sauce recipe makes a nice sauce too. The recipe they have decent specify the size of can to use for things like tomato paste so it is kind of a hit or miss depending on you taste preference. Also you can easily make a large batch of the sauce and freeze in smaller containers for later use on pasta and pizza dishes.

I haven’t tried the no salt mozzarella make at home kit yet, but I definitely am interested in it! If I can make mozzarella cheese at home it will make for some more great options in the future from the kitchen!


1c –  Our sauce pre-made (click here for recipe) (13mg per/serving)
3/4c – Bread Flour
3/4c – Wheat Flour (may use all Bread Flour if you wish)
1pk – Splenda Sweetener
1T – Olive Oil (May substitute or mix Edova for less trans.)
1c – Warm Water
1 1/2c – Portabella Mushrooms
(DO NOT use Pepperoni’s, Sausage, etc. on this Pizza)
1/4 onion
2/3c – mozzarella shredded cheese (package says 170mg sodium/serving) 
1T – Lower Salt Parmesan Grated cheese (package says 70mg sodium/serving)
(you can reduce sodium & fat if you can locate or order unsalted mozzarella cheese!


Mix your yeast, splenda and olive oil in the warm water and stir until the yeast is dissolved. Mix this mixture with your flour and stir until blended, should be a dry mixture. You may need to add flour or water to keep the mixture dry enough or moist enough that you can work it with floured hands. Kneed the dough with flour hands for abou 4 or 5 minutes and form into a ball.

Spray a pizza pan with No Sodium cooking spray and place the dough ball in the center of the pan. With flowered hands push the dough out to the enges of the pan turning once and re-flouring hand to help spread it. Place the dough in a warm place for about 15 to 20 minutes then spread evenly again and thumbprint the crust edges.

Spread one cup of low sodium sauce mixture on your pizza. Add your toppings and cheeses and bake in a oven pre-heated at 425º and cook for 20-25 minutes untile your crust is golden brown!

Let Cool a bit before cutting and Enjoy!

Source: http://www.lowsodiumliving.com/portabellopizza.html


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