Mushroom Swiss Chicken Breast


Had an amazing trip to the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans this weekend. So nice to be feeling well enough to get out and do something like that! I have great pics and stories to come soon, but for now you can have fun and fill your tummies with this lovely dinner I created thanks to Low Sodium Living


4 Chicken Breast (Skin Removed) 2 TBS. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tsp. or a packet Herb Ox No Sodium Chicken Broth 1/2 cup white cooking wine (or to lower the sodium even more you can use a regular Chardonnay)  1/2 tsp. chopped garlic (Roasted is better!) 2 can no salt added mushrooms or fresh (I use Baby Bella slices) 1/2 tsp. Mrs. Dash( Onion and herb is my favorite on this but southwest Chipotle adds a nice spice too) 2 tsp. Corn Starch 2 TBS. Cold Water 1 cup Baby Spinach 4 Slices Aged Swiss Cheese 1/4 cup water


Remove any skin that may be on chicken breasts. You can use boneless if you desire. In a large fry pan, heat olive oil with the chopped garlic and lightly sear chicken breasts on both sides. After chicken breasts have lightly seared, add in your wine and the Herb Ox chicken bullion. Cover and let simmer about 10 minutes and add the water. Uncover, then allowing chicken to simmer about another 10-15 minutes, you may add in your mushrooms and stir so that the mushrooms are in the sauce. Remove chicken pieces and place in a roasting pan in a 350 degree oven. Let your mushroom sauce continue at a high simmer. Add in the 1/2 tsp. Mrs. Dash to the sauce. In about 2 TBS. of cold water stir in the corn starch mixing till you have a milky substance. Slowly mix the corn starch mixture in with the mushroom sauce constantly stirring until a gravy forms. If your gravy is too thin you may use additional corn stach mixture, if it is too thick add more water. Remove chicken roasting pan from oven and pour mushroom gravy mixture over the chicken pieces. Lay the one cup of baby spinach pieces across the top of chicken and return to oven. About 5 minutes before chicken is done lay the swiss cheese pieces over the chicken and spinach. Serve when cheese has melted. The total cooking time for the chicken should near one hour or until you are sure it is fully cooked.


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  1. Pepper loving your BLOG more and more every day ……….. Bruce needs to change his diet and fast he can’t seem to get his blood pressure under control.
    Sending you lots love and prayers you are doing a great job on all the healthy changes.

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