Swiss Salsa Chicken and Stir Fry


Today’s adventure combines my love of Salsa and swiss cheese! A lot of the time I don’t plan I just go into the kitchen and stare into the fridge and start tossing things together. Voila…sometimes it is good and sometimes it isn’t so good. Lucky for you, today we have a good one to put on the record.

This is a simple dish, consisting of chicken and a frozen stir fry mix with some added celery for some extra crunch. I generally just use cooking spray for stir fry vegetables and very little seasoning (unless I am using a stir fry sauce for a dish). I have grown to love all the natural flavors that come out when you cook vegetables. It is your choice to season your vegetables with any variety of herbs and spices you like, if needed. or choose a vegetable mix that has great strong flavors that compliment each other. I really love Birds Eye Broccoli Stir Fry Blend. This has a nice mix of broccoli, carrot, mushroom, onion and watercress. I sometimes add extra mushrooms, celery, or carrot depending on the craving I am having at the time.


4 – 2oz. Chicken breast tenders

1 slice aged swiss cheese

3 tbsp Newman’s Own Organic Mild Chunky Salsa

1 tbsp Mrs Dash Chicken seasoning mix

2 cups Broccoli Stir Fry Mix Birds Eye

2 stalks of Celery Chopped


Pre-heat oven to 375

Coat the chicken breast in chicken seasoning blend. Place on baking sheet and top each piece with 1/2 tbsp of salsa. Bake for 15-20 min depending on size of tenders. Place a strip of swiss cheese on top of each tender and bake for additional 5 min, until cheese is melted and bubbly.

While the chicken is baking, cook stir fry mix. spray skillet with butter flavor cooking spray and stir fry the frozen vegetables until warm but not totally cooked. At that point add the celery. This way the celery will not get over cooked and soggy, and will add a crunch to the dish.



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