Shake This…..Not That!


When ever I talk to someone new about living on a low sodium diet, the response is usually the same.

“I couldn’t live without salt”

“OMG how boring your food must be”

“Doesn’t it suck to eat bland food”

“Don’t you miss flavor?”

Maybe it is the fear of the unknown. Maybe it is all the cooking shows that show things constantly being salted. Maybe it is celebrity chefs like Anne Burrell telling people that you have to use salt to have flavor. You see this on almost every cooking show on air.

I am here to tell you, there are a ton of flavors other than salt! I am constantly having to combat the preconceived notion that low and no salt food is bland. The only flavor it is missing is the flavor of salt. Don’t get me wrong, when I first started this adventure, I was afraid of what I would miss. No more salted popcorn, no more canned chili with corn chips, no more spaghetti sauces. Once I got past the focus on what I couldn’t have, I got to start the fun search for what I could have instead.

Like I mentioned earlier we got rid of the microwave. The shelf that it lived on has now become a great place for my spices and bottles of vinegar and oil.  With just one glance you don’t get the slightest notion that this is a house lacking in any flavor. In our kitchen we took that……….

And replaced it with this…..


Food full of flavor, REAL flavor! Take it from me, not only will you quickly learn to love the fresh myriad of flavors when you use a full array of spices, but you will actually grow to detest the taste of salt. When that nasty little sodium granule hits your mouth it will actually turn you off.

A no salt life isn’t something to dread. It is something to enjoy, to share, to face with the zeal of any great adventure! It is like the yellow brick road to the  Emerald City and the Great OZ, where I will find myself along side the Tin Man with a happy health life and a happy healthier heart!



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  1. I love your spice rack! Id love a list of your favorites, im trying to expand our lower/no salt seasonings. I have ms dash and love her very much! You have any seasoning recipes?

  2. Like everything else, it does take some adjustment to go on a low sodium diet, but once you are on it, you don’t miss it. As a matter of fact, when you eat food with high sodium it becomes inedible

  3. That is so true. I have found myself spitting out things on a few occasions in the last 2 weeks because they are no longer appetizing to me. It took about 8 weeks, but my mouth has learned the routine

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