Movie Day and a Snack


One thing I love is Popcorn and a movie, and when I refer to a movie most times it is actually watching a whole season of something on or netflix. Today is one of those days. The whole season of the new show Revenge is available for a limited time on So we decided that it was time to see what everyone is talking about.

It used to be that movie night included extra buttery microwave popcorn, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and little hot sauce with extra salt. A giant bowl of heart stopping snack treats. Of course those nights have had to change, but I still love the popcorn with my movie night, it is just done differently.

Lets look at the calculations…A bag of Act Movie theater butter popcorn, with 1/3 tsp of salt sprinkled on top, a dash of crystal hot sauce, and 2 tsp of Kraft Parmesan cheese is a whopping 330 calories, and make sure you are sitting down for this…1840 mg salt!!! That is more than a whole day of sodium, on a low sodium diet, in one movie snack. It is almost a whole day worth of sodium by the USDA guide lines.  As of the 2010 guidelines, one should consume more than 2,300 milligrams of salt per day. Those who are age 51 and older and those who are African American (almost half of the U.S. population) or have high blood pressurediabetes or chronic kidney disease should consume no more than 1,500 milligrams per day.

One of the things that make it easier to live healthy is that we got rid of the microwave. Yep you read that right, we have no microwave in the house anymore. It was a decision that has forced us to cook everything fresh and actually in turn makes shopping easier. I am not tempted by the microwave meals, popcorn, and saucy frozen dishes in the store. With no way to cook them it reminds me right away that they are “not my food anymore”. The microwave has been replaced with vegetable steamer, bread maker, indoor grill, and my favorite the air popcorn popper.

In addition to the fresh cooking methods, the other thing that will soon become a staple in any flavorful low sodium diet is Mrs. Dash No Sodium Seasonings. They come in so many great flavors, from Caribbean, to steak and chicken grilling seasonings. My favorite of the Mrs. Dash line is by far the Fiesta Lime!!

I use Fiesta lime on many things fish, chicken and most of all….Popcorn! It is the key ingredient that gives my air popped popcorn that kick of flavor. Now a days, instead of loaded with cheese and butter, and calories and sodium my popcorn is loaded with health and flavor!

Lets see the difference in the numbers. 5 cups white air popped popcorn, with fiesta lime Mrs Dash to taste….100 calories and 0mg of sodium. If you like the butter flavor, which I do like to have sometimes, you can hold the calories, fat and sodium by using spray butter. I like either Parkay or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray. Just be careful and read the fine print, yes 1 spray has no calories or sodium, but 5 sprays have 15mg of sodium. So if you are like I am, you like to put a good coating of butter flavor on your bowl of popcorn. I use about 50 sprays to coat 5 cups of popcorn, that still only adds a minimal 150mg of sodium. Still much better than the 1800mg popcorn alternative.

So reach for the air popper, the spray butter and the Fiesta lime and curl up to a movie and a snack and enjoy, Flavor, Healthy and Salt free!


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  1. each one is simalar to the subject popcorn yet different in descriptions of preperation and nutrition

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