So tomorrow afternoon I go in for all the “pre-op” tests and instructions for next weeks Cardioversion. Basically I have to have the blood labs, chest x-ray, EKG to make sure I am cleared for the procedure. Then they will let me know what meds to take, and what to skip and how long to fast before the procedure…all the fun stuff.

As long as it all is ok, then next Thursday they will be putting be under sedation and doing a TEE (putting a scope down my throat to check the heart from inside the chest for clots) and if no clots are found then they can safely use the electric shock to get my heart back into rhythm.

This is the first time I will have this done. I can honestly say the whole thing has me a little worried. I know I have a great team and they know what they are doing, but that only alleviates the stress a little bit. The last time I went in for a “simple angiogram” I had to stay for 3 days. Not because of my heart but because they damaged my artery in my arm and cut off the blood flow to my right hand. I know there is always the chance something strange will go wrong, but we hope nothing will.

For now, I prepare for the little pre-op tests and hope that after the Cardioversion my heart will get stronger. I just would love to get up and moving around again, without the blurry vision and headaches and dizziness that comes from over exertion so easily now. I would love to be able to cut down on some of my a-fib medication and give my poor kidneys a break. I would love to be able to go outside and play with my dog again…it is the little things I miss in my day right now.


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