Great Adaptable Taste Buds


The body is an amazingly adaptable thing. Whatever changes you make in your life, your body adjusts to them. So many people are afraid of cutting out the junk food, because cravings send them right back to it. It is so hard to quit drinking alcohol, because of the cravings and withdrawals. Almost every change in life you try and make has a period of adjustment. The hardest part is taking the baby steps through the adjustment period.

My hubby is one of those people that us overweight people look at with envy. He can eat anything, and not gain weight. I have always joked, “I can put weight on smelling the food, he works the calories off chewing it.” He is super supportive of my lifestyle changes. Most days I think he is more scared of my condition than I am. I am extremely lucky that his biggest passion in life is cooking. Although he started this out having no idea how to cook without salt. He is a hearty, creamy, salty, country cooking guy. So, he had to change the way he thought of seasonings and preparations too.

For the first 2 weeks he ate everything right along with me. As we created seasoning mixes, I researched brands and places to shop for low and no salt products. Anyone living low sodium needs to shop at healthy heart market online. By the end these 2 weeks my poor skinny hubby had already lost 10 pounds. It was now apparent that he needed more to his diet than I did. So he went back to including what we now refer to as “boy foods” in his meals. I wish he had more of a desire to eat healthy and limit his sodium and fat also, but he has never been sick and doesn’t want to think about how the food effects him too.

I live with temptations around me all the time. Lunch meat, Sharp cheddar cheese, canned chili, frozen pizza, and the oh so tempting bacon! Most mornings while he makes me a low calorie veggie and egg scramble, he will have a skillet going with his sausage, or bacon in the oven getting crisp and making the house smell oh so awesome.

This is where we get back to the concept of, the body adapts! This morning the bacon was smelling better then ever. I swear I could see the flavor waves floating across the room like in a cartoon. Coming directly to my nose and pulling me in to the kitchen. He took that cookie sheet out of the oven and it was covered with brown crisp bacon slices, and my mouth started to water. I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed a little crispy end piece and popped it in my mouth.

Th instant that bacon hit my tongue….I cringed, and spit it out. It was like licking the top of a salt shaker!! The overwhelming taste of salt in my mouth was enough to make me sick to my tummy. I gave the piece of bacon to the dog.

My taste buds have actually changed. They have adapted, and adjusted themselves to the natural flavors of herbs and spices and fresh foods. These are the flavors I actually physically crave now. My nose is a little behind the times and still thinks the “boy food” is what we want. But my taste buds quickly slap that nose into line like a Drill Sargent….”damn you nose what do you think you are doing, you pansy little weakling, you better whip into shape or I will send the mucus squad to teach you a lesson you don’t want to learn!”

This realization of the adaptation has happened a couple times over the last week. We were having dinner at a friends house last Monday and she made fried cornbread fritters with dinner. If you aren’t familiar with this (not being from the south I had never seen this) you take cornbread batter and just drop a spoonful into hot oil and fry it up to a golden brown. I tasted a pinch of my hubby’s piece, that he was attacking like a rabid animal, and all I could taste was oil. I very rarely use oil anymore because it is so high in calories and is all fat. One tablespoon of cooking oil or olive oil is 120 calories.

These events are very reassuring. It is great to get these experiences that prove to me that I am fighting the good fight, and I am winning! My body, my mind and my soul are accepting this lifestyle with open eyes and because of that I have a greater chance of succeeding and living this high flavor, healthy heart life forever.


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