This is a place to find links to all my favorite very low sodium recipes. Some are perm links from posts in this blog, and many link to my recipe page on (create a free account or log in with Facebook to read recipes and search by diet or ingredients) As the hubby and I find or create recipes that fit into my low salt life I will place them here for you all to share 🙂

2014 Update: my life is now a solo journey of health and salt free culinary exploration. All new recipes will be of my own creation. Without the help of my ex-husbands culinary skills, It will be an adventure of trial and error. However I have faith that I have learned enough, from both him and my father, in the kitchen, to make my own magic!


Veggie Eggplant Hasselback –

Greek Yogurt Dill Stuffed Eggplant –

NO Salt Marinara –

No Salt Meatballs –

Country Kick Broccoli Slaw –

Kickin’ Sweet Potato Fries –

Green Pablano Chicken Enchiladas –

Stuffed Jalapeno Boats –

Super Duper Low Sodium Beef Stew –


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